From the beginning, Ethan Allen has championed craftsmanship and quality. Call us old-fashioned, but we still use time- honored techniques (alongside modern tech) to make some of the best home furnishings around. As a company that relies on natural resources, we’ve been mindful of our impact on the environment since well before it was the thing to do. We’ve embraced, reflected, and helped to define American style as it developed and evolved through the years. We’ve been here for you with service that goes above and beyond, and we’ve always looked for ways to make your experience with us exceptional. When you put it all together—the superior quality, the environmental responsibility, the vibrant style, the outstanding service; alongside the fact that we continue to manufacture nearly three-quarters of our product line in North America—the Ethan Allen difference is clear. It’s the value of years of experience helping you get exactly what you want—to live comfortably and well in a space you love. You can feel confident that we’ll always be here for you, just as we’ve always been. Some might say 85 years is a good run. But us? We say it’s a great start. 3